It is the command of almighty Allah SWT that we have to establish our knowledge into the understanding of the KALIMAH, one has to seek the knowledge from its experts as RasoolAllah Sallallah Alaihi Wassalam named them as “AHLI LA ILAHA ILLALLAH” (In one of the hadis related by Ibn umar RA about a lengthy Hadis relating the significance and meritorious rewards of the “AHLI LA ILAHA ILLALLAH”).

The Emphasize made by almighty Allah SWT in Surah Muhammad Verse 19, Fa’laam Anahu LA ILAHA ILLALLAH (Know; Establish your Knowledge about the KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILLALLAH).

This verse clearly refers one to acquire the knowledge of the KALIMAH and become the AHLI of the KALIMAH as stated by the Hadis of the Prophet Sallallah Alaihi Wassalam. To be the AHLI LA ILAHA ILLALLAH one has to know the KALIMAH, Recite the KALIMAH, Live with the KALIMAH, Apply the KALIMAH, Practice the KALIMAH, Think and ponder of the KALIMAH at moments of Life, to be included among the people of the KALIMAH which is the AHLI KALIMAH.

La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasoolullah – This is called as the Kalimath-At-Tauhid. It is also called as Kalimath At-Tayyibah, Da’wati Kalima and etc. It is also referred to as the Kalimah Syahadah (KALIMAH of WITNESS), as it insists on bearing witness to the truth it is conveying (The witness is on the basis of Witnessing by Knowledge, Wisdom, Knowledge of Reality, Secrets behind the creations that leads you to know the power, supremacy and majesty of almighty Allah). The knowledge of the KALIMAH is so vast that the knowledge brought along with this KALIMAH by 124,000 Prophets and Messengers is the absolute evidence of the ocean of knowledge behind the KALIMAH. It is a mine of knowledge, an ocean of Knowledge. KALIMAH is the basis of Islam. A person who accepts this KALIMAH becomes a Muslim. Sufis say that the whole Qur’an is an explanation of this one statement. The basis of Sufism is this KALIMAH. It comprises of two parts – Uloohiyath and Risalath. The first part of the KALIMAH is about the characterestics of Uloohiyath (which will be explained in this article) and the second part talks about the risalath (prophethood) of Muhammad Sallallah Alaihi Wassalam. The following paragraphs are an effort to get an outline of what Uloohiyath means and how Kalimath Tayyiba describes the relation between the creator and the creations i.e. Allah and us.

As a Muslim, we should be ashamed of not knowing our KALIMAH in detail and not having acquired the Knowlege of the KALIMAH, the first pillar of ISLAM. It is the agreement and foundation of our faith in Allah SWT and solemn oath that we took with Almighty Allah SAW and the Witnessing of the two KALIMAH. RasoolAllah Sallallah Alaihi Wassalam took 13 years to teach the companions about the KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILLALLAH.

The ‘La’ in the kalimah, negates or denies the existence of something. One should be careful in finding out what it negates or denies. If one says, that it denies the existence of ‘Ilaha’, it is Kufr (disbelief). For there exist an “ilah”. Ilah is the term used to denote one who is fit to be worship. If someone denies the existence of the creatures, it is also kufr because in the first instance, the person is denying the existence of Allah and in the second instance; the person is denying the existence of creations. Both are wrong for they both exist, according to the Qur’an. In Qur’an Allah has established beyond any doubt the existence of creations. In the name of Sufism some people are denying the existence of creations which is certainly due to their wrong understanding. These false beliefs have brought disrepute to Sufism. May Allah save us all from that?

One cannot understand the correct meaning of KALIMAH without researching it, without knowing the Knowledge, The Wisdom in the knowledge of Negation and affirmation, in the knowledge of the KALIMAH itself. Otherwise, one will fall in one of the above two kufrs (disbeliefs). We don’t have the capacity to research this great KALIMAH and we are ordered by our Lord to ask the people who know. Allah directs us in the Qur’an, “Fas’alu ahla dhikri in kunthum laa tha’lamoon” (Ask the people of knowledge if you know not, Quran 21:8). In another verse Allah says, “Arrahman fas’albihi khabeera” (Arrahman – The Gracious – denotes Allah) ask about Him to those who know, Quran: 25:59). So we have to seek the help of muhaqqiqeens (people of the truth) and arifeens (the known people) to understand the meaning of KALIMAH.

The Arieef Billah, the Gnostic of Knowledge of Almighty Allah. The Arifeens have been so generous to explain the glorious meaning of the KALIMAH to us. Arifeens who have been blessed with ‘Ilme Ladhunni’ (The knowledge offered by Allah) have explained that ‘La’ in the Kalimath Tayyiba is neither rejecting Ilah (God) nor the Makhluq (creation). It rejects that the attributes of Ilah (Uloohiyath – the capacity to fulfil one’s needs, exhibited by the creations are not their own). The word ‘Illa’, which does the work of Isbath (affirming), maintains (affirms) that the attributes which were rejected to be of the creations, belong only to Allah.

Precisely, the meaning of kalima could be put as follows: The attributes of Uloohiyath (the capability to fulfill ones needs) which are exhibited by the creations are not their own but they belong only to Allah. Insha Allah, we will look into the kalima from this perspective.

We have been so blessed that Almighty Allah SWT blessed us from the oceans of Knowledge of The KALIMAH TAUHID, TAQWA, KALIMAH IMAN, KALIMAH IHSAN, KALIMAH IKHLAS and KALIMAH ULLOHIYAT and KALIMAT RUBUBIYAT through the chain of our beloved Mursheed, Our Shayk The Sultanul Awliya Shaykh Muhyuddin Abdul Qadir Al Jailani [QSA] from his choicest grandson Sultanul Arifeen Shaykh Sayeed Noorullah Shah Al Jailani [QSA].

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