Words of Wisdom

The Most Powerful Word of Almighty On Planet Earth and The Key to every Opening in Life which can be obtained only through the Knowledge , Wisdom and Reality of the KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILALLAH

Our eye sights carve the arts of living in our hearts , the pictures of what we see , If what we witness in Syahadah , it becomes ibadah , tasbih , tahmeed , peace and tranquility because that is the reward for Act of Syahadah – Until the last breath , we are trying hard , doing it consistently , repeating the work of Syahadah only to make sure that our last breath leaves our body with Syahadah. But begin right now under your nose until the last breath , the question when is this last breath going to be , Now ,later , tommorow or when ? Only ALLAH Knows , He kept it secret for us to keep working on the Syahadah. So Syahadah , Syahadah in your eyes , Syhadah with your Heart Syahadah with Your Ruh dan Syahadah with Your Sirr.


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