About Us

Advisor of Perahmat

Sheikh Dr. Ismail Hj. Kassim (SDIK) is known as Al-Faqir Illallah, was born in Sabah, Malaysia, on June 1966. He is a renowned Daie Allah in Malaysia and internationally. Sheikh Dr. Ismail is the advisor, preacher of Islam and Mursyid Guru to the congregation of Jemaah Pertubuhan Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin (Perahmat) in Malaysia. Supported and declared to be having of approximately 150,000 union of the world’s congregation namely in Asia countries like India, Pakistan, and Middle East. More than 300 knowledgeable Ulama of Sunnah Wal Jemaah especially from India and Middle East coming together to support the mission run by SDIK.

About Perahmat

Perahmat, a short name to Pertubuhan Rahmatan Lil Alamin was founded on 13th May 2013. It is a registered organization under the Malaysian Organization Act (PPM-006-14-13052013). Perahmat is a Non-Profit Organization that is neither driven by Profit, nor from any political agenda or connotation.

Our Missions

  • To spread the teachings and legacy of Rahmatan Lil Alamin,   Rasulullah ﷺ or Prophet Muhammad ﷺ that preaches to the Muslims on Ilahun wahid (Allah is One) as decreed by Allah in the Quran (Surah Al-Anbiya: ayat 25).
  • To spread the highest knowledge that is knowledge of Kalimah La Ilaha Illallah Muhammad Rasulullah ﷺ  to Muslim around the world as claimed by Allah in the Al-Quran (Surah Muhammad: ayat 19) through  Missionary programs and seminar, driven via various form of electronic media, news, interviews or talks, or manuscript.
  • To spread teachings, practices, reality on Iman and Belief – with practical tauhid. Never merely on theories only.
  • To unite Muslims under the Love of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the love of Allah the Almighty.
  • To awaken Muslims through program that is based on close interaction and sharing of knowledge that emphasizes on understanding of Iman and Faith within the perspective of Al-Quran and Sunnah, an Age old habit or practice, the Messengers’ and Prophets’, and Friends of prophets and saints way of life.
  • A foundation for the congregation to unite as one via one belief, and one understanding of the true meaning of brotherhood, goodness, love, and mercy among believers, and among Muslim community. As oppose to practicing Islam on the surface.
  • To spread true teachings of Islam as declared by Allah and written in the Al Quran. Parallel to the examples in the life of our messenger Rasulullah SAW, i.e. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Sunnah.
  • To learn and understand the real meaning of Ilah, hence embracing the truth followed by internalizing into daily lives of the congregation.

Perahmat’s Activities

As a preaching body, Perahmat actively runs and manages spiritual programs within the nation or internationally. Among the programs that was completed are Path of Iman in Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Kelantan, Sabah, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, India and Pakistan. Perahmat also collaborated with the nations’ higher institutions like Universiti Utara Malaysia, Polytechnic to spread the knowledge of Kalimah La Ilaha Illallah.In addition, not only that Perahmat organized the Path of Iman programs, but it also Perahmat organized trainings on Solat Khusyu’ and the Breath of Eternity to the public.Recently, Perahmat had organized the Grand Selawat and Salam, participated by 5 nations. The 5 countries were Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, India and Pakistan. This is the first such Selawat and Salam festival were held. The festival was officiated and launched by our former Prime Minister, Y.A.Bhg. Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

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