Journey To Infinity with Syahadah


Blessings and Salutation to Beloved Messenger and His Ahlul Bayt
Greatest and Highest Praising To Almighty ILLAH

Today Honourable Sheikh Dr Ismail Kassim graced and presided over the International Affiliation Program with India Rahmatan Lilalamin Trust with 28 Madrasah ,Tahfiz Centre , and Religious Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jammah Institutions to collaborate, co-operate and integrate the programs of Ilmu Syahadah in India.


By this year we hope to achieve more than 70 Institutions under these affiliations and associated programs.

Honourable Sheikh commented while exchanging the documents of understanding that this is a hard work of past 7 years.

Syahadah Knowledge transmitted by Honourable Sheikh is widely accepted, loved, affectionately regarded by people of India mainly from mainstream of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamaah.

May Allah bless His Eminence Sheikh Dr Ismail Kassim for bringing light, Iman and greatest Knowledge on this Universe.


-Reported by brother Imran who is accompanying Sheikh Ismail Kassim at the moment. [GOA 17-10-16]

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